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Customer Feedback

Here is just some of the feedback from our health professionals and customers using our Health Coach assessments and reports along with Health Coach® products.

Customer Feedback

“I had a look at the Health Coach® info, lots of excellent research there. I am so grateful for your system and feel very comfortable regarding the research and dosages you are recommending. I believe it is the only way to go, light years ahead of trying to figure it all out myself or even for a knowledgeable practitioner to do so – there is just far too much information for one person to know and the information is constantly changing.”

Lowell B.- London, Ontario

“I have no pain in my knees anymore…I can run up and down the steps without my knees hurting. This is great. I truly believe the supplements work!!

Claudia D. – Lakeville, MN

“I’m writing this feedback in the hope that it leads other people who fear change, like I did (and still do I must admit) to be more open to experiencing the benefits of Health Coach’s assessment and education systems for themselves.

“I’ve done my best to follow all of the advice that my doctor recommends that I do over the years, some has been easy to follow, while some have proven far more difficult, despite my best intentions. I’m now in my late seventies and I don’t remember as well as I once did and I have significant arthritis that had left me less active and requiring medication for my hip and lower back pains.

My doctor recommended I go online to complete the Health Coach health and lifestyle assessment, because he was concerned about the side effects of my medication and the progression of my arthritis. I also had troubles with my stomach and bowels that he diagnosed as diverticulitis and colitis that were getting worse.
I found the assessment easy to do, even though I’m not very familiar with the internet and was very impressed by how thorough it was. Much to my delight it led me to understand several aspects of my lifestyle better and investigate the Health Coach nutritional support for both my arthritis and my intestinal problems and the combination of lifestyle changes and nutrient support worked!

It’s been almost 1 year now with no recurrence of my tummy troubles or need for my pain medication. As long as I don’t over exert myself physically I’m not bothered by my arthritis. I’m even sleeping through the nights now most nights.”

Gloria S. – Cambridge, Ontario, Canada


“I’ve never been on a computer, let alone on line, so when my Chiropractor told me that I need to if I wanted to improve my energy, resolve my “restless legs” and help my arthritis I did what I could to come up with excuses not to. She persisted though and I enlisted my daughter-in-law to help me on their computer. Needless to say, I’m writing you this feedback to thank you for adding life to my years and I’m certain years to my life (to use an old cliché…forgive me, but I am old too…but getting younger now!).

All kidding aside, the main reason I see my Chiropractor is because she stays current on advances in anti-aging and the best natural health products and has testing that she does that accurately measures important indicators of how I’m aging. Twice a year she measures my muscle mass, blood pressure and pulse rhythms and patterns of how they vary, does blood work, cholesterol etc. and I’ve learned to trust her objectivity and feedback. If you share this with others who don’t know about the new science of aging and how you can now measure it, they must read the books “Biomarkers of Aging” by Dr.’s Evans and Rosenberg, and “Body by Design, Health by Choice” by Dr.’s Kelly and Percival (who I know co-founded and designed your programs). The first presents the scientific evidence that we can get younger and the second contains more breakthrough insights on how we really function as human beings and what to do to get healthier, happier and leaner. All will appreciate both.

I could go on and on, but what I really wanted to share was just how good I now feel, free of the restless legs, arthritis pains and fatigue that was making me feel much older than I am…after all I’m only 80 yrs. young now and plan to have a couple good decades ahead to enjoy grandchildren! Thank you Health Coach and please feel free to use this to tell others how good they can feel if they use the best that science now has to offer through your programs.”

Betty P. – Kelowna, B.C., Canada

“I’ve got my medical doctor baffled as my last 3 tests show my PSA results are improving, despite the fact that they were high enough for the 2 years before I started your program. My doctor was convinced I had cancer of my prostate!

He thought I was being irresponsible by taking my healthcare into my own hands and even my chiropractor who put me onto your program insisted I do the biopsy suggested, which I did. Despite finding nothing, my medical doctor insisted I must have cancer and wanted further invasive tests done. My chiropractor suggested I at least take steps to build my own health and keep an eye on my PSA results. He told me about your program, which by the way, is the easiest thing anyone can do to improve their health without a bunch of willpower and extra effort. After years of flip-flopping in regard to my diet, exercise and stress relief practices, and forgetting more supplements than I ever remembered to take, I can proudly say that each of these areas are now on track and so is my health. I also seldom miss either my morning or evening nutrient packets and can’t remember feeling as energetic and resilient. Thank you and please keep up the development of your website and system, I’ve been watching it for the past 18 months and can hardly believe the improvements."

Barry C. – New York, New York, USA

“I spend more time reading up on and reviewing studies and literature on health and health products than most doctors likely do. I have for 20 years now. I’ve learned a great deal and have no doubt of the benefits of better lifestyle choices and proper nutrient support. I’m writing this to let you know that despite having the knowledge and access to superior nutritional support I failed miserably over the years to do so with any consistency. (I’ve got more bottles of nutrients that have long past their expiration dates than I’d ever admit to.)

I never really realized what the impact on my well-being was though, until a Certified Nutritional Consultant that I know and respect referred me to your site and program. I was instantly impressed with your commitment to research and evidence-based approaches, but even more so when I read your health bulletins on your site. In all my years of study I’d never reviewed insights so critical to safety and improving results. I could see right away why so many studies (not designed with an understanding of these principles) lead to puzzling and often conflicting advice. Anyways, I decided to become a customer myself and see for myself what the outcome would be…and Wow... I’m truly amazed at the difference in my sleep, energy, bowel functions and I’m only engaging a few of the lifestyle changes your system recommended.

Are you thinking of furthering your education outreach and adding a regular newsletter perhaps?”

Greg – San Diego, Calif., USA

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